Tesla x Knight Rider

  • Brand Collaboration
  • Tesla | Knight Rider | Adidas
  • October 2023

KITT Model S

Introducing the Tesla x Knight Rider Limited Edition "KITT Model S" – A Synthesis of Innovation and Nostalgia In a fusion of futuristic technology and retro pop culture, Tesla teams up with Knight Rider to launch the limited edition "KITT Model S." This concept collaboration celebrates the iconic '80s TV show while showcasing Tesla's relentless pursuit of innovation.


Reviving the legendary KITT

Reviving the legendary KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), this special edition Tesla Model S offers a blend of state-of-the-art electric vehicle technology and quintessential Knight Rider features. The car features KITT's voice for the Tesla's navigation and voice command system, as well as customisable red LED accents that evoke the iconic vehicle from the series.